Chris Burkhard

Patagonia’s homepage inspired research on photographer Chris Burkhard. Here’s some interview responses from him and links to his work:

Site Homepage

Your photos are very distinctive. You’re already developing a signature “style.” How would you describe it?

That’s a hard one. I guess I would say my style of photography is all about light. I mean…light, more specifically, sunlight. I love shooting into the sun…and when I say that, I mean silhouettes. I think there is something timeless about shooting your subject in such a way that you cannot place them in a time or era. It makes them timeless. I love that feeling, something all generations can appreciate. Needless to say, not all my work is based around this idea. There’s always a place for the perfect front-lit, or flash photo, but I think I’m the most inspired when the sun is setting and the offshores are howling. – The Coconut Wireless Interview

Book Project and Blog

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