Essential Oil Tips and Tricks!

Essential Oil Tips and Tricks courtesy of Bulk Apothecary:

In the bathroom: Place several drops of essential oil INSIDE the cardboard toilet paper roll. The bathroom will smell wonderful until the roll is used up, then simply repeat with the next roll of toilet tissue!

In the bedroom: A few drops of essential oil on the pillows. * If you choose a naturally relaxing scent like lavender or chamomile, this will also encourage peaceful sleep!

In your closet or drawers: Freshen clothing drawers or closets by simply adding several drops of essential oil to a small swatch of fabric. Tuck in a drawer or attach to a hanger.

In the kitchen: Essential oils can be used in crock pot air fresheners for all day diffusion. Simply add to water and mix in additional ingredients that compliment the essential oil you’re using such as sliced lemons or oranges, cinnamon sticks, or vanilla. Turn on low and simmer with the lid off all day.

Around the home: Here’s a trick that realtors use when showing a home- place a drop or two of essential oil on each light bulb throughout the house. When the lights are on, the oil will be warmed and fill the home with a wonderful aroma. Vanilla is amazing for this! Your home will smell like you’ve been baking cookies all day, when you’ve actually been out shoe shopping…..

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