Glenn Beck Delivers Tearful Monologue without Saying a Single Word

Published on Jun 10, 2013

6/10/13 – Glenn Beck, who has been doing radio since 1979, estimates that he has said roughly 89 million words on the air. That’s a lot of words. The conservative entrepreneur recently learned that he has temporarily lost the ability that so many of us take for granted — the ability to speak. Doctors informed Beck that his vocal chords have been temporarily paralyzed. The effects will “come and go,” but thankfully it is a repairable condition, he explained.

However, left with no choice but to remain uncharacteristically silent, Beck during his TV show on Monday wondered how many of the millions of words that he has said in the past actually contained real meaning, how many of those words were used to lift people up instead of tear them down.

Using only note cards and music, Beck delivered a moving and at times tearful monologue without speaking a single word. He reflected on the man he once was and the man he is now, which he says are two very different people.

“If today was the last day you had a voice, what would you say?” Beck asked.

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