The Greatest Artist of All

The Greatest Artist of All

There is abroad in our land a multitude of artists. They don’t paint pictures, carve statues nor write poetry. Through words and deeds and a talent for living, they illuminate our world. By what they do and say, they lift our spirits. They cut paths through our deeper despair, sickness, loneliness, disappointments and the monotony of daily labor.

Some of them are known as “The Appreciators.” They teach us that it’s just as important to enjoy as to create. They sew patches of contentment onto a world which might otherwise burst at the seams. Appreciation is the basis of thankfulness.

“The Disentangles” unravel the come cities of life and help reweave a tapestry of beautiful simplicity. What a new sense of life and adventure they impart!

There are also “The Greeters”, the friendly sentinels. Some of them wave and some say with a lift of the hand, “I see you, I hear you.” Others, among these strangers, nod in passing on the street letting us know that someone knows we’re here.

“The Reality Facers” beautifully show us the joys of looking at life honestly and facing its grimmest challenges without fear. They look on hard time as gates that are harder o open than some others. They advise us not to judge a gate ’till it’s opened and we’re through it.

These and many more are the daily artists who move like gentle buffers against abrasion. A painter must have his canvas. A musician must have his instrument. But to take the invisible stuff of life and mold it so as to awaken another’s awareness, strengthen another’s faith, deepen another’s love, steel another’s courage–this too, is artistry.

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