I’ve been following the Asana vision over the past two years and was incredibly impressed by the demo and vision talk released earlier this February.

Asana, is described by their webpage as, “an effort to reimagine the way people manage information, a new kind of software product built for the Web from the ground up. With a focus on speed, collaboration, and ease of use, it radically improves the way groups of people work together.

Our team is comprised of engineering and thought leaders from Facebook and Google. A key strategy contributing to these companies’ success has been the development of internal software solutions to increase the efficiency of the people who develop the products. While working at these companies, we split our efforts between building the products used by hundreds of millions of people and the internal systems which enabled our teams to do so quickly, collaboratively, and enjoyably.

We founded Asana to dedicate our attention full-time to developing a beautifully intuitive collaborative information manager which can help any company work more efficiently. Our system speeds up knowledge work and communication by minimizing the time leaders spend trying to keep everyone on the same page and the time that knowledge workers sink into struggling with disparate tools to do their jobs.”

For the TechCrunch article – click here

For the blog entry from founder Justin Rosenstein, demo & vision talk – click here

After you view the video, it’s likely you’ll be inspired to sign up for the beta service, which you can do by – clicking here

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