Fresh Screening Meetup Everywhere

Dear Meet Up Members,

I want to introduce everyone to wonderful movie called FRESH. Many of you may already be familiar with Fresh, but I’m posting about this film today because I really love the message behind the film and the method Fresh chose to distribute the film and engage audiences around the nation. This film is distributed via grassroots efforts, as Fresh has placed faith in the support of influential community members and individual activism. In times like these, it’s apparent to me how an individual action, multiplied by millions, can create global change and I’m posting today for help about spreading the Fresh message. I’m asking friends and family to stand up for sustainable food systems and take action by hosting a screening of Fresh. Anyone can decide to host a movie night and inspire their friends and family to take time talking with one another after the film about the issues presented and the actions we can take moving forward. I know we can use this film as a platform and a way to ignite our communities to take action towards solutions. My hope is that supporters of this film will take initiative to organize screenings via a wonderful platform called Meetup. If you’d like to be a part of the good food revolution please see the steps below to host an event on Meetup:

1. Create an Account by clicking – here

2. After your account has been created, search for an existing Fresh Meetup Group

3. If one exists, join the discussion and suggest a screening, if none exist, create one by clicking “Start A Meetup Group” at the top of the page

4. Complete the form for your Meetup group all the way through to scheduling your first Meetup (displayed below are links for Fresh screening and licensing)

5. Monitor your group Meetup page and be proud to be hosting an amazingly influential film

More details about how to host a screening be found by clicking the link here

If you’re ready to become a part of the solution, click the link here for license details and post your event on Meet Up. Thanks for being a part of the solution. Thanks for taking ACTION!

I can’t thank you enough for your support. Be sure to enjoy these last days of summer, eat lots of fresh vegetables, and get outside!

Be Well!


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