Tracing the Edge – Surfer Gerry Lopez Part 1 & 2

Whether he’s on glassy Indonesian waves or fresh Bachelor powder, 61-year-old Gerry Lopez understands the ins and outs of carving. How did the Pipeline master end up landlocked in Oregon’s high dessert? It’s a family thing.

Patagonia makes this project possible on so many different levels. Their ambassadors and field testers are more than just athletes, they are thinkers, activists, and dreamers with a vision of modern adventure. The good people at Patagonia not only support their passions, they share them.

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One Response to Tracing the Edge – Surfer Gerry Lopez Part 1 & 2

  1. Kalani says:

    Gerry Lopez is a living legend with a true philosophy of how to REALLY live a full life. Gerry’s book, “Surf Is Where You Find It” is full of stories that have a deeper meaning towards life. This meaning is summed up in his mission statement that he wrote for his SRF (Surf Realization Fellowship) project. Aloha, Kalani

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