All At Once

This summer I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Jack Johnson’s non profit organization All At Once and Reverb during Jack’s 2010″ To the Sea Tour” as a member of the “Eco Swat Team.” Photos linked here.

I spent my time working in the on-site Village Green, where local and national non-profit organizations gather to talk to concert-goers about ways they can get involved in causes from volunteering to city cleanup operations. Many of the volunteers were floored to see how Jack took the time to come and meet everyone in person; just hours before he would take the stage before a packed house. What’s so great about what Jack does, is he uses his status as a platform and his music as a vehicle to generate interest and enthusiasm around issues people may otherwise not pay attention to. The members of these non profits are now doubly committed to their causes, because they see that someone in Jack’s position cares about what they pour so much of their energy into, and they feel a sort of validation and re-inspiration.

As explained in a Tree Hugger article by Sara Snow, Jack and the Reverb team have developed a program for creating an environmentally friendly concert tour. Where most celebrity riders call for Evian water, green M&M’s and a bottle of their favorite libation, Jack’s calls for recycling centers, the use of local foods, reusable bottles, water-refilling stations and a request that venues offset their energy consumption. He and his team (you can hardly call it an entourage) tour the country making stops at well calculated fueling stations for their bio-fueled tour buses and trucks. And at each show a Village Green pops up, encouraging change and small commitments amongst concert-goers. Because, as Jack told me, if you get together to play music night after night, then it’s just about the music. But add another element such as this, and you can really make an impact.

In a short video created to highlight the tour, Jack was asked how important hosting the concert’s “Village Green” and the All At Once Community was to him. He replied “Music is a funny thing, you go out, bring all these people together, play music and after a while it just sort of feels like, ‘What is everyone really getting together for?’ You might as well be trying to focus that spotlight on something else.”

Click here to see Jack Johnson’s “End of Tour Report.”

* An individual action, multiplied by millions, creates global change *

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