World Cup

The Truth – Terence Stamp (World Cup 2010, South Africa)

[Transcription Below]

The infinite inhabits every individual soul

you know it is true because you know yourself

and there are no limits to you

and so no man can be another’s master by right, but only by might, unless he’s wrong

there are no chains on a newborns limbs

no fences around the natural boundaries of nations

freedom is the force that moves the world to assemble

the multitudes to tremble with desire and national pride


but this (imposes)? the chance to hear the song from the core of life itself

we are mothers and daughters, sister and brothers, fathers and sons, we are one

(echoing voices)

this is the truth the cup contains, pure, unpolluted by provincial histories, undiluted by the divergent myths that divide us

Africa, Africa

from the same soil, the same sun, we are all the same stuff

see it stretch and pounded and thus so alive, see the many as one, and the one moment of all

the perfection for which we all strive

see so many shades of skin in full bloom and then remember all the colors came from one all embracing wound

there will be glory, there will be pain

by the blood, sweat, and tears of noble men

will South African soil be stained

and in the end the golden cup will glow for the one team that remains,

but kinship not conquest is the truth the cup contains

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One Response to World Cup

  1. David Kilpatrick says:

    Thanks so much for this! I’ve been obsessed with this short film since I first saw it the other night and have been frustrated to have missed recording it and hadn’t had any luck with web searches until coming across your transcription and posting just now.

    It wonderfully represents the modernist mythopoetic beauty of this Cup.

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