Run Ricky Run

Quotes from Run Ricky Run – ESPN link

  • I value nice!
  • Why do you have to be the one to change the world, to change society – why not?
  • When I can be stoic in the eyes of being threatened or being insulted, then I think that has to get peoples attention
  • To be detached, you’re not coming from anywhere, you’re just coming from a place of love and for someone to come purely from a place of love , he or she would be the most misunderstood person in the world
  • Books: Reincarnation, Catch A Fire, The Magdalen Manuscript, Thinking for a Change, The Astral Body, The Yogi, Stories From the Mahabharata, and Vedanta Philosophy
  • Tell the story with one directive, absolute truth … 99% of the truth is a lie
  • What was a 5 month project became a 5 year odyssey
  • He threw away all the things we value: money, cheering, celebrity … is this a product of him being mentally ill or bipolar, or a product of him being the only sane person out there and the rest of us worshiping all the wrong things
  • We don’t know what he’s suffering from when we form our opinions about him, if he’s happy inside, if he’s depressed, etc., until we know that how can we comment on his actions
  • He wanted to reach out to people, to be accepted by everyone
  • He chose his incentive based contract because he wanted to earn his money
  • 775 carries in 2 years (the most all time in a 2 year period)
  • Unbelievably eccentric, didn’t care about money or fame
  • 95% of what he says is so illuminating, enlightening, refreshing, lucid and then 5% of what he says makes you wonder if he’s got aluminum foil on his head and says that’s what’s keeping the aliens away
  • So much of his life he’s been looking inside himself and liking so little of what he sees
  • Onterrio Smith reference
  • He walked away to heal a damaged body and feed a searching mind
  • He felt his gift was to heal people, that was his true calling
  • Ayurveda – Wikipedia, Home Page: Exceptional thirst for knowledge. Everything in nature can be medicine if used properly or poison if used improperly. If it’s in the way of accomplishing what he wants to accomplish in his life then it needs to go.
  • Anything can be bad if it’s not used the right way. The heart of a yogi and the body of an NFL football player, he has to merge the two cultures as he’s so involved about finding out about himself.
  • He’s a supremely well intentioned individual
  • I learned at a very young age that you can’t blame things on other people because it takes the power out of your hands
  • I am who I am today, I have to look at myself and keep evolving
  • His goal was to kill his ego
  • There was a void in his life. The Bible says there’s 1 good man in 1,000.
  • A yogi is a seeker, someone who wants to transcend their lower nature, who really wants to rise up and know their true self
  • Sivananda Yoga Farm. Understand relaxation and stress. People don’t find spirituality until they hit rock bottom. They don’t understand that the stress is internal not external.
  • Generous, Intelligent, Philosophical. His goal was to be rich and famous and have everybody love him. But in having to be a certain person he found a deep spiritual stress, and this was the core of the problem. On a daily basis we should ask who are we? We should have enough Prana (Prana Retailer).
  • He’s nice, genuine, and sincere, but since he’s not like everyone else, he’s misunderstood
  • You can twist around any 5 seconds of an audio clip or personal comment where something outrageous is said and form general opinion. That’s the power of the US Media. You’re identified by a single act.
  • Studied holistic medicine … in the end he just wanted to reach his full potential
  • An artist in a business that’s confining
  • When you’re around him you learn something about yourself because he’s an engaging person. You put a camera on him, he’ll turn it around and put it on you
  • His greatest accomplishment is going to be his time away from the field and actually begin to have the opportunity and time to directly affect people 1 by 1 and have such a great impact on the world. He wanted to become a natural healer
  • I love seeing people take themselves to that uncomfortable place, overcome it and see progress, results, improvement (come full circle).
  • Redemption: statistics vs. personal growth (important to have balance)
  • A budding scientist: eat healthy and determine how much you can get out of your body
  • Do the right thing in a way that feels so selfless. Give your whole heart.
  • Early on it was about identity formation, not accomplishment or achievement which is what it’s supposed to be. More rooted – identity formation comes from sweet acceptance
  • Performance identity becomes gripped – you need to get beyond that
  • Understand your limitations, don’t try to be something you’re not
  • He consciously, conspicuously ran away from the American Dream
  • Not afraid to go to the dark places, taboo, find light and redemption, and comfort knowing that he’s heading in the right direction

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