Wisdom 2.0

“During your life everything you do and everyone you meet rubs off in some way. Some bit of everything you experience stays with everyone you’ve ever known, and nothing is lost. That’s what is eternal, these little specks of experience in a great and enormous river that has no end.” – Harriet Doerr

Spent the weekend living vicariously through these sites … Credit all the content displayed below to the contributors on the following pages: Wisdom 2.0 Page, Facebook, Twitter, Hash Tag

  • “Social networking is like being in a karmic accelerator. Feedback is instantaneous. It enforces transparency.” ~RJ Halifax #wisdom2conf
  • “Humor is a delivery vehicle for truth, and that’s why fox news doesn’t have a Daily Show.”
  • Loneliness is separation. Solitude is unity
  • Tony Hsieh, CEO of  Zappos – How Twitter Can Make You A Happier Person – link
  • Can we be hyperconnected and be fully connected to people and our physical environment?
  • When employee hits “reply to all” with an email, @zappos says they’re forced to wear a “reply to all” (as in “dunce”) hat
  • Humor and playfulness are essential parts of being mindful, compassionate and present.
  • No resolutions – Guiding Principles – link ” … I do not like resolutions. They can only guarantee failure. I would like to share some of my guiding principles for 2010.
  • mindfulness: I began practicing mindfulness in 2009, but still need a lot of work.  Just recently, I had another “accident” because my mind was ten steps ahead of my feet.  This year, I will continue to strive to live in the present.  Although I have been able to let go of the past, my challenge now is not to worry about the future. A piece of advice I like to share, but need to heed is, “Worry is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but doesn’t get you anywhere.”
  • minimalism: I have always preferred minimalism. I like a clean, spartan existence, but find my creative “piles” continue to get in the way.  I will experiment with some tools and share my findings with you as I embark on making my minimalist existence a reality.
  • experience: Part of the minimalist philosophy is to let experiences take the place of “things.”  This year, I will look for more experiences, like meeting my Twitter friends IRL and attending conferences I enjoy (@TWTRCON SF was my favorite experience of 2009.)  I will also devote a few minutes each day to getting rid of “things” by donating to those in need.
  • sharing: 2009 taught me the value of sharing via Twitter.  I love to share ideas with those around the globe. Luckily, in 2010, this has a name, Content Creator and Curator. I am always grateful for your feedback.  Please let me know if you disagree or have a different experience (@detlef_c, lol!) Sharing with like-minded friends is rewarding, but a different point of view defines a “conversation.”
  • beauty: As an aesthete, I like to share what is beautiful, be it a person, a moment, or a piece of art.  I hope that what I share brings you joy. I will bring myself to the moment to enjoy the beauty that surrounds me every day (never to be confused with vanity or extravagance.)
  • health: I will not take my health for granted, and will improve my habits, one day at a time. Although today is the first day of the year, remember, every day is the first day of the rest of your life!  Do not worry if you disappoint yourself, any moment can be a fresh start. Don’t worry, be happy! (Wooden Rocking Chair – ODEChair by Jolyon Yates.)” – Blogbrevity
  • Pictures courtesy of @samanthabell1here
  • The quality of presence that comes from a face-to-face encounter is irreplaceable. A tactile dimension is necessary.
  • Wisdom begins in wonder – Socrates – blog link
  • great to see mindfulness, empathy, compassion & altruism spoken about so frankly & urgently as a path to becoming fully human
  • in our technology age there seems to be a spiritual yearning more than ever.
  • How can the world of connectivity be used to benefit rather than to distract us?
  • Tony Hsieh @zappos CEO – 1 of 4 goals w each tweet, ICEE: Inspire, Connect, Educate &/or Entertain
  • neuroscientist Philippe Goldin: attention is the gateway into higher cognitive functions
  • Information is just conduit 4 discovering the inherent wisdom u already have. u already know a lot: you just don’t know it yet
  • exploding with creativity
  • We’ll be interesting to see what insights emerge from approach and whether is it a better strategy to develop deep knowledge
  • Crowdcrafting – Conference outline Google Doc
  • How lucky are you? According to @zappos, your answer correlates to how open you are to opportunity as it presents itself
  • Are there aspects of our life that shouldn’t be transparent, not out of shame, but out of self?
  • Prof Goldin: meditation = WD-40. lubircates transition from neg self-beliefs to psych freedom & flexibility
  • secrete to happiness – be humble like the Dalai Lama
  • facebook does haiku email to encourage others to write shorter emails
  • Hsieh: Zappos job interviews begin when limo picks up applicant. Recruiter asks driver how he was treated. Karma =)
  • Twitter creates a sense of familiarity that transcends actual reality
  • Irreverent & respectful at same time
  • using Twitter not as a marketing tool but for building relationships
  • A day of mindful insights – link
  • Every time u smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing Mother Teresa
  • schedule one meeting-free day a week. Ex. “No Meeting Thursdays”
  • More interested in conscious ppl using tech to radically impact global consciousness change, than google has a yoga center
  • We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.~Aristotle
  • The 3 most imp things to do every day. 1 sleep. 2 mindfulness 3 exercise
  • Zappos customer service videos – link
  • “Only integrity is going to count” Buckminster Fuller
  • Social networking is like being in a karmic accelerator. Feedback is instantaneous. It enforces transparency.
  • Beth Kanter – notes
  • 3 conditions needed to bring mindfulness to workplace learning-scientific, business benefits, transformative- Meng Tan
  • 1.what is ur life story 2. what do u want to do when you grow up 3. how can u save the world? how can I help you?
  • Instead of being in this huge vastness of life, I have a feeling of taking charge. Instead now i’m thinking “stay in the pause”
  • Greg Pass from Twitter. “Each tweet is an opportunity for acute, intense and confrontation of reality
  • Twitter’s @GregPass quotes artist Jean Miotte & Heidegger, practices Tai chi chuan, & listens to Devo. Cool dude!
  • Grep Pass: Twitter as tai chi: the more attention we pay even to mundane experience the deeper our experience
  • (Extraordinary) attention to the mundane, to the present, enriches our experience (Tai Chi lessons)
  • Not sure tech companies should b held responsible for their users mindfulness. Greg Pass says u shouldn’t overprescribe
  • @Twitter‘s core values are to Be a Force for Good!
  • Greg Pass – blog
  • Aesthetic attention: prompts us to see subtle relationship between ourselves, others, phenomenon. True for tweeting
  • Comparing now with emotional response in looking at Google-type search results of “aesthetic attention”
  • Community is not about mere connectedness but basis for connectedness
  • Blended Value – link
  • we are mirrors into each others souls – < Beautiful way 2 describe communities
  • One City – link
  • twitter helps us find points of intersection. What we do with those points is beyond twitter
  • The tools we have today have the potential to touch people in such a profound way….what is your purpose?
  • Linda Stone talking about “email apnea”. Fascinating and rings true. Video clip will follow
  • @meimeifox: Social media + mindfulness = Infectious Enlightenment! See my blog (Wisdom 2.0 Recap) – link
  • Great Recap Here – 5 Directions Blog
  • Social Change and Tech – link
  • “Blogging is about public learning. Celebrate mistakes. They’re my best teachers.”
  • Social Change & Social Media – the Greatness Within Us All
  • @amoration – Ustream videos – link
  • Essential Skills for 21 Century Survival – link
  • “The transformative effects on society of large numbers of people purposefully cultivating a more mindful and contemplative life are potentially as powerful, if not more so, than such technological advances in power and connectivity and the capabilities they give rise to.” – Jon Kabat Zinn
  • “Unless I feel like I’m working on the most important problem I can help with, then I’m not going to feel good about how I’m spending my time, and that’s what this company is. The ultimate payday is not a priority. Changing the world is.” – Mark Zuckerberg
  • Lianne Bridges – notes / blog
  • The most precious thing I have to give is my attention.
  • Successful companies can create an environment, setting and creating a culture that allows the flow to happen, not “managing” but tending to garden
  • Technology is a lubricant for human nature – both good and bad.
  • Twitter practice of service: all tweets must either Inspire, Connect, Educate or Entertain.
  • I am more interested in quality of engagement versus quantity, this is where we bring wisdom to the world.
  • Wisdom needs to be applied and experienced before the truth of it is realized
  • The genie is out of the bottle, now we need to do something about it even if we don’t know where it is going. We need to give it our best shot.
  • In the high tech world like with Twitter, we often don’t understand what we are building until we have built it.
  • Be a positive force for good.
  • What are we going to do with this one wild and precious life?
  • Dharma is metabolizing with the new technologies.
  • Hyper-transparency – social networking is like a karmic accelerator enforcing transparency, we are held responsible to our own activities.
  • Every stick has two ends; what is the shadow side of new technology? We need to consider the quality of presence versus face-to-face contact.
  • How you share is as important as what you share. People notice how you do what you do.
  • If you engage with patience, humility and generosity of spirit, people will slowly and steadily build a community.
  • It’s great to hear your report of the Wisdom 2.0 Conference. I agree with the quote above that “Technology is a lubricant for human nature – both good and bad.” In my perspective, human nature is ultimately reaching for higher, more integrated, more aware realms…and so I’m generally pro-technology. The way that webcasts and VIOP, the ease of quickly posting media to the web, and social networks have made it possible for me and my colleagues around the world to have meaningful, transformative conversations has been miraculous and enriching. But I’m also aware that the web can be profoundly dis-integrating, pulling your attention all over so you feel dazed at the end of the day. Engaging successfully online requires focus and purpose. Otherwise the overwhelming nature of it can get to you. And this kind of determination and seeking for depth in life we have to bring to the table–or the keyboard, shall we say. I’m glad these conversations are opening up in the tech community. Thanks, Christiana
“The transformative effects on society of large numbers of people purposefully cultivating a more mindful and contemplative life are potentially as powerful, if not more so, than such technological advances in power and connectivity and the capabilities they give rise to.” – Jon Kabat Zinn
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  1. Thank you John for this comprehensive blog post on the Wisdom 2.0 conference. I believe the conversation that started that weekend is too important not to keep it going. Lianne

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