The Zen of Social Media Marketing

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“I am lucky enough to have some fantastic young mentors, like Ramit Sethi and Shama Kabani, who demonstrate by their drive, smarts and tremendous business building skills that you don’t have to have years of experience to be a really successful entrepreneur. Both have grown their businesses with steady, consistent use of social media, in addition to good old in-person relationship building.

I met Shama a few years ago when, at the age of 22, she had already founded three successful companies. She was just starting her small business marketing firm.

In a short time, she has developed a rock-solid reputation as a pragmatic authority on the use of social media to build your business. She was named a finalist in BusinessWeek’s America’s Best Young Entrepreneurs of 2009. And she has grown her own company to a full-service digital agency, employing twenty full-time employees. That’s right, twenty.

Shama’s new book The Zen of Social Media Marketing just came out last week. It is a very pragmatic and useful book, intended for smart people who don’t yet “get” how social media is a valid way to build a business.

Listen in to my conversation with Shama about her new book.

Technology side note: Please forgive the slight off-sequence of the audio and video images. Mercury in retrograde has messed with my technology vibe this week, and I decided that rather than spending hours fixing it, I could just ask you to imagine that our original conversation was in another language, and it was dubbed over in English (kind of like the really good Godzilla films of old). :)

The Zen of Social Media Marketing with Shama Kabani from Pamela Slim on Vimeo.

Buy Shama’s book here, and learn about the services her firm offers at

I am very proud of you Shama, keep up the good work. (Said as a business auntie with a tear in my eye)” – Pamela Slim

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