Follow Your Dreams

Credit Krystle Smith and Chimbre.

“i was asked whats the one thing that i would like my son to get out of this: my response: ” want my son to learn to follow his dreams,… that no one can stand in his dream.. to follow through to the end and if you fall get up…and if you were wrong.. learn from your mistakes.. but when you feel that you have something that you have to do in life follow through and go for it…. theres only two types of people those that follow their dreams and those that dont” ….rob” – chimbre

About Krystle:

“I am an infinite, loving, passionate prism of divine vision. I live my life with a deep purpose, and this fantastic force guides every stroke of my creations. I am a conscious creator who seeks to uplift the spirit of humanity and our mother gaia through my offerings of sacred artworks. I believe that the arts (including music, dance, writing, fashion, architecture….) provide pathways to collective realizations of interconnectedness.

I have been an artist since I was old enough to hold a crayon. Both of my grandmothers were painters and my father was an architect, so I was constantly surrounded by creative genius and knew that it was an intimate part of everyday life. I have never lost this child-like enthusiasm for making things. I find tremendous joy in the act of creation. It is a powerful tool for meditation, healing, communication, and evolution. Gazing into the sacred mirror of artwork has allowed me to understand both myself and our collective consciousness with an ever-expanding depth and clarity.

Juxtaposing ethereal, organic forms with sacred geometry, my artwork seeks to portray the interconnected fabric of creation. I am deeply intrigued by symbols such as the Flower of Life, which contain a blueprint for form within their proportions. I experienced reality-shattering epitomes upon the discovery of how shapes give birth to other shapes. Viewing the world through this new lens, I started to see how the same driving force behind a hurricane also swirled galaxies, and I came to understand that this same spiral is WITHIN. My he-ART work is an ever evolving quest to paint portals into the infinite, interconnected, nature of being. Doing so, I hope to help reclaim our true purpose and place on this planet as responsible, loving, conscious co-creators.

My role as an artist has also guided me into the enchanted realms of magic and the alchemy of art. Accompanying musicians as a live performance painter for over four years, I have had countless opportunities to create work saturated with both sound and the essence of the moment. This intuitive approach to art opens up doorways to the process of creation, and allows others to participate in that process.

Ultimately, life is our canvas. What we want to create is our choice. Do we want to live in a world of separation or cooperation? Fear or love? I seek to continuously grow, to learn from every moment, and to continuously experience and reflect as much beauty and love as possible. I hope to connect and collaborate with all beings that share this same pure intention for the world. Warriors of light, reunite!

krystleyez your dreams.”

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