Growing Power

My favorite thoughts extracted from Will Allen’s Manifesto displayed below – full posting linked here.

  • “Planners and Thinkers are great but doers change the world
  • Community gardens, grow the good food revolution and provide high quality food
  • We can do only small things with great love. My hope and confidence are now mixed with a sense of greater urgency. More people are without access to healthy, affordable, and safe food
  • Remove food borne illnesses, drive prices down, empower people, engage communities
  • Agriculture reliant on sustainable practices
  • Localism to reduce dependency on foreign oil
  • Astute and well informed people such as Michael Pollan can offer additional details
  • Remove subsidies from unsustainable growers, subsidize health and well-being by rewarding sustainable practices
  • Will’s vision: “Multiple farm-to-market community food systems that would provide sustainable jobs, job training, food production and food distribution to those most in need of nutritional support and security.”
  • Current Threat: the threat of malnourishment and undernourishment of very significant number of our citizens
  • We need a system that rewards the grower who protects the environment and his customers by nourishing his soil with compost instead of chemicals and who ships his goods the shortest distance, not the longest
  • If the main purpose of government is to provide for the common security of its citizens, surely ensuring the security of their food system must be among its paramount duties. And if among our rights are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, we are denied all those rights if our cities become prisons of poverty and malnutrition.
  • Make sure that all of citizens have access to the same fresh, safe, affordable good food regardless of their cultural, social or economic situation.
  • Rather than embracing the “back to the land” approach promoted by many within the sustainable agriculture movement, Allen’s holistic farming model incorporates both cultivating foodstuffs and designing food distribution networks in an urban setting

My Growing Power Photo Album 1 – link
My Growing Power Photo Album 2 – link

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