Happiness Pandemic (HP101) Hits Worldwide

“A worldwide epidemic is spreading worldwide with an enormous speed. The WWO (World-Wellness-Organization) foresees billions of people being infected in the coming decade.

Here are the most prominent symptoms of this awful disease :

1- The tendency to let yourself be guided by intuition instead of acting under pressure of fear, forced ideas and in the past conditioned behavior.

2- A total loss of interest in judging others, convicting yourself and preoccupation with things that create conflict.

3- A complete loss of the capacity to worry – This is one of the most serious symptoms.

4- A continual pleasure in appreciating humans and things the way they are, which strengthens one’s tendency not wanting to change others.

5- The desire to change yourself so that innate thoughts, feelings, emotions, bodily maters are managed in a way they facilitate health, creativity and love.

6- Repetitive attacks of smiling : a smile that says “thank you” and stimulates being one with all around.

7- A growing openness towards childishness, simplicity, laughter and happiness.

8- More frequent moments of communication with one’s soul in non-duality, that creates the pleasant feeling of fulfillment and joy.

9- Finding pleasure in acting as a healer who spreads joy and light instead of criticism and indifference.

10- The ability to effortlessly live alone, related, with family or in a community on a basis of equality, without the need to play a role as executioner or wanting to be sacrificed.

11- A feeling of responsibility and joy to offer the world one’s dreams of an abundant, harmonic and peaceful future.

12- Total acceptance of one’s own presence on earth and the will to choose each moment for what’s gracious, good, truthful and alive.

Do you want to continue living in fear, dependency, conflict, disease and conformism, then avoid at all cost people who display these symptoms, since this disease is very contagious. If you already have these symptoms, know you’re condition is probably very hopeless. Medical treatment can temporarily repress the symptoms, although the progress of the disease is inevitable. There just isn’t an anti-happiness-vaccine.

Because this happiness disease causes the loss of fear of death, a central pillar upon which the believe of materialistic modern-day society rests, a risk of societal turmoil with a complete loss of interest in warfare and to always be right, gatherings of happy people who sing, dance and celebrate life, emergence of people who celebrate their (physical and spiritual) healing, crises of extreme joy and séances of collective emotional vent is at hand.”

~ Unknown Author

– TomorrowsMakers.org – repost
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