Social Media Questions

“Before you ask anyone, what is your ultimate goal and primary objectives? Second, who is your primary audience? Once you have determined that you can move on. I like the idea of an RFP. So if you asked me to assist you, I would suggest the following questions:

1. How can social networking help me achieve my goal?

2. Have you done anything similar for another client?

3. What are measurements that we can use to agree on determining if this program is a success?

4. What resources must I have to make this successful?

5. Do you help with content or must I generate that myself?

6. Can you help me expand my network? If so, how?

7. Who are the primary people working on my project?

8. Can you suggest reasonable milestones?

9. What networks do you recommend and why?

10. Please provide me with three references.

11. Please provide me with two companies that contracted with you and it did not work out as expected (sometimes you can tell more from these contacts than standard references).

12. What are the costs I may incur?

13. Do you use social networking? If so, tell me about it.

Sorry it is not five questions. I realize these are rudimentary questions to many people and social networking professionals, but my goal is to have an understanding of the basics so I can engage in a constructive conversation. Hope this helps.” –  George Harben – Greater Paducah, KY Economic Development Council

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