Branding 101

Your brand is the lasting definition and impression your customers retain of your company. This thought is based on their cumulative experience of your impersonal (media, web, public, relations) and personal (all customer touch points via direct, web, mail, telephone or other) marketing efforts. You will succeed by appealing to your customers emotional side. Building a positive image and generating a likable affiliation with your brand will help to improve your customers satisfaction: namely their perception, preference, usage, and loyalty. This in turn will help drive your market share, sales, and profits. By using social utilities you are better positioned to: obtain and act on customer feedback and suggestions, create awareness via subtle messaging, and continually keep your customers engaged and informed by having an online and offline community for their voice to be heard. This in turn will improve your brand equity. Brand equity is, as defined by any marketing textbook, the additional cost that consumers are willing to pay just to acquire your brand, because your brand and the total experience it delivers is far superior to your competitors; the greater your brand equity, the greater your value. Social utilities really are excellent tools if used properly.

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