Photographers Who Inspire Me

Nicole Wolf – link
Nevada Wier – link
Ben Moon – link
Tobias Hauser – link – Selva Bananito Lodge & Preserve Costa Rica – link
Frederic Ohringer – link
Larry Pratt – link
David Burnett – link
Alex Soth Photography – link
Jaime Fritsch – link
Chloe Moore – link
Bella Aura – link
Hermosa Creek – link
Erika Bowman – link
John Burcham – link
Douglas McPherson – link
Richard Renaldi, Touching Strangers – link
Chris Burkard – link
Moon Magic, posting on this blog – link
Quinn Miller-Bedell – Picasa & Facebook & Blog
Brittany App – link
Stefano Unterhiner – link
SugarLeaf Photography – The Kissing Tree – link
USA Revisited through an environmental lens – link

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