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Forecast 3rd Coast, type in the zip code, then look at the bottom on the right to find the hourly wind graph.

Surfable usually starts at about 12mph (13-14knots), the wind direction is extremely important (typically can’t surf west winds, may get lucky on some sw, nw). straight south is the best (for door county at least), then straight N or NE is good, SE, can be good if it’s strong enough. There are a lot of links on that site too for marine forecasts, buoys. Also check out

Surfing’s always been a way for me to get back in touch with the natural rhythms of the world.

Waves: The water that was rolling toward me was quite literally a memory. It started out in some other part of the world, forming when a change in temperature produced a change in pressure. Air’s natural tendency is to move from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure. We call this movement wind. When wind flickers across the ocean’s surface it produces small ripples which provide a greater surface area that can then catch more of that blowing wind. Eventually these ripples become larger and larger until they cohere into wavelets and eventually waves, attaining their greatest size when they come closest to matching the winds speed. What makes this whole chain of events slightly stranger is that it is not the water itself traveling across the ocean as a wave, but merely the memory of the original winds energy being constantly transferred as vibration from one neighboring water molecule to the next. The waves are calling.

Look out at the water, really watch the waves roll in…sit there silently for a few seconds…the waves are like humanity, one giant sea, completely interconnected, every ripple creating another ripple, creating another ripple, and on and on forever…that is how the world moves.

Synergy: Wind, Water, Wakeboard like board: Kiteboarding is not just a sport, nor is it just a pass-time orsomething to do on a weekend, not to me anyway. It’s a partnershipbetween man and the power of the elements, a relationship with thewind and the water. Kiteboarding is like swimming with dolphins, orriding on the back of a lion. It’s humbling and empowering at the sametime. It’s everything. People are forever changed by kiteboarding. Italters your priorities and it fills you with a sense of awe. Suddenly,the importance of your bank balance and the car you drive diminishes.The only suit that matters is a wetsuit. People’s opinions become lessimportant. Investment-trust pish-pash, anti-ageing cream big whoop.The allure of the city lights grow weaker and the call of the wildgrows stronger. Bad weather is good weather, terrible weather – evenbetter. When the parasols are hurredly removed from the beaches in theadvent of a storm, when the sky and the water seems furious and sandstings your legs, that’s when the kiteboarders appear.So if it seems that we’re uninterested in your board meeting, or ourglaringly absent faces betray our indifference to your marketingpitch, it’s not that we don’t like you, we just don’t care.

Unless you have a car appropriate enough to fit your equipment in, you will not able to kite board. Also, if you do not have enough financial freedom to partke these recreational activites, you will not go kite boarding. So your car and bank account balance do matter. Yes, they do matter, but their importance is diminished in the time spent on the water.

Well just because their value is diminished does not mean they no longer exist… you make kite borading seem like an escape from reality and the things that matter. These ‘material’ things allow you the freedom of escape.

Their value is diminished … did I say they no longer exist? If kiteboarding is a brief escape from reality is that okay?

No you should never lose touch with reality because you may end-up making an impulsive decision that makes sense in the moment of hidebound perception but in the macro scope of this, it was a mistake. This is how people make mistakes that hurt others.

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