About Me

My personal mission is to create engaging brand experiences and help build abundant communities. My purpose as an entrepreneur, an adventurer, and an artist is both simple and multifold– to be a prism of vision, an instrument of light: to activate and elevate consciousness around issues of social and environmental justice and youth development.

As an entrepreneur, what I enjoy most is seeing how technology, businesses, and organizations can be used as vehicles to generate action and inspire enthusiasm for environmentally and socially minded initiatives. While operating in this capacity, my ultimate intention is to do small things with great love, to inspire solutions, to express and evoke compassion, and to create something beautiful. To voyage into both the past and the future while being entirely present. To bring vision to form and help build better businesses, to help deliver genuinely engaging messages, to establish meaningful connections between businesses and people, for a better world.

My ultimate intention as an adventurer is to promote peace and awareness and to enhance communities by exploring the beneficial use of social utilities and emerging communication platforms. When sharing my adventures with others, I view social utilities as forms of intuitive communication, blurring the boundaries between languages, capable of healing and accelerating our global vibration. I embrace all forms of emerging technologies as opportunities to create and collaborate and to transmit and share experiences, ideas, and thoughts. I view these advances as ways to act collectively, to inspire and implement environmental and social solutions to better our world, and to create work saturated with both love and innovation.

As an artist, my work varies from the areas of marketing analytics to creative strategy to nonprofit management (all of which I believe to be an art form) to more traditional art such as photography, ceramics, and fly fishing. To me, my art is the constant melding of quest and discovery, memory and moment, intention and intuition. I like to use art to subtly introduce topics focusing on environmental and social justice, conservation, and sustainability.

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