For the most part, whether we’re looking for a favor or a mate, we’ve bartered: here’s what I’ll provide you; here’s what I want in return. Nothing to measure, little to count. For centuries, even commerce worked this way. You won’t give me those two goats for this table? How about if I throw in a hammer? This process is painfully inefficient. Each barter calls for more haggling. Values fluctuate. No surprise then, that bartering retreated into the hills as soon as society came up with a numeric symbol for value – money. This was a triumph of the earliest numerate. It provided a math tool to count and calculate and compare a world of different things. And it eventually led to expanded commerce, global markets, the numbers blazing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Now Takriti and his team are turning us into symbols so that we can take our place in the new human markets. – The Numerati

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