E-Recruiting & Data

There’s no room in the employee databases for personal details. Some may be crucial and represent the real you, but the database understands us largely as a mosaic of resume items, from job categories to mastery of the computer language C++ to fluency in Mandarin. It’s pathetically shallow.

The Numerati too are grappling with towering complexity. They’re looking for patterns in data that describe something almost hopelessly complex: human life and human behavior. Their audacity of their mission is almost maddening. In the age we’re entering, our lives will be described, studied, and predicted, every day more, through this statistical analysis.

Those of us who can quantify achievements on an Excel spreadsheet have the edge.

We gradually evolve from data serfs to data masters.

Math, while powerful, is flawed. Ever hear of garbage in, garbage out? The point is that mathematicians model misunderstandings of the world, often using the data at hand instead of chasing down the hidden facts. Remember the story of a drunk looking for his keys on a dark night under a streetlight. He’s looking for them under that lamp not necessarily because he dropped them there but because it’s the only place with light.

– The Numerati

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