Chinese proverb, when the wind changes directions there are those who build walls and those who build windmills.

Change is the one constant in life, and without diversity—of species, cultures, crops—adaptation to this change becomes much more difficult,” Erdmann explained. “Talk to the farmer who grows just one crop and a disease wipes out his whole farm. Talk to the financial adviser who puts all his money into a single stock… In a nutshell, diversity bequeaths resilience—and we’re gonna need all the resilience we can muster to deal with the global changes rapidly descending upon us.” Who knows what catastrophic diseases lie in wait in our future? If we have plowed up our tropical rain forests for palm oil and sugarcane ethanol, it will be like emptying our tool kit of natural medicines. “We need diversity precisely because change is constant, and diversity provides the raw material we need to adapt to change.

One good example is worth a thousand theories. People do not only change when they must: they also change when they see that other – like themselves – have changed and flourished. People change as a result of what they notice, not just what they are told. The Arab Aramex story.

– Hot, Flat, Crowded

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