Embrace Change

Hiring people with diverse backgrounds brings in a flexibility of thought and openness to new ways of doing things, as opposed to hiring clones from business schools who have been taught a codified way of doing business. A business that thrives on being different requires different types of people.

We don’t hire the kind of people you can order around, like the foot soldiers in an army who charge from their foxholes without question when their sergeant yells ‘lets go boys’ we don’t want drones who will simply follow directions.

We want the kind of employee who will question the wisdom of something he regards as a bad decision. We do want people who, once the buy into a decision and believe in what they are doing, will work like demon to produce something of the highest possible quality, whether a shirt, catalog, store display, or a computer program.

New employees coming into a company with a strong culture and values may think that they shouldn’t rock the boat and shouldn’t challenge the status quo. On the contrary, while values should never change, every organization or business must be adaptive and resilient and constantly embrace new ideas and methods of operations. – LMPGS

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